Terms and Conditions

At Webnovators, we value all customers and visitors equally and hold the right to keeping all information provided by them secured by all means. It would be our foremost concern to maintain legitimate communication with all parties that we meet throughout our business journey. Read more about our terms and conditions, the laws, rules and regulations that all parties have to comply with while working with us.

The below-mentioned points describe in detail about how we use or do not use the information provided by you at Webnovators while keeping your personal information secured at all stages.

Information Collection

The site allows you to communicate directly with us through various modes of contact which may include emails, contact forms, feedback forms etc. Some of the information may uniquely be identified as yours and no other person will have the similar details such as your name, address, phone number, etc. Concurrently, the other types of information may be collected from subscriptions to stuff like newsletters, more precisely, features that one may be liable to avail. At every stage when you’re asked to fill the information, you will be informed about fields that are mandatory and the others, which are optional.

The information collected by us will only be used by us and no third-party will have access to the data provided by you. In most cases, the information provided will only be used for website and traffic analysis. While, in case, we pass on the information to a third-party such as for domain name registration, this will be to ensure the timely delivery of the products. Whenever we refer our services to a third-party contractor, we hold the rights to keep everything protected by making sure the contractors that we deal with, subject to obligations similar to ours.

Webnovators maintains a thorough mailing list for the purpose of sending out useful information or promotional stuff to our visitors or subscribers. If at any time, you decide not to receive any email sent by us, you can unsubscribe by clicking the link provided at the bottom of the email.

The site is liable to have information regarding your IP (Internet Protocol) address which is typically considered as non-identifiable information. This information is dynamic, means it keeps on changing, and not static that stays unaltered all the time. We may use this information to sort out server issues, determine the faster route to connect you with our site and to resolve other issues for the betterment of the site.

Use of information provided by site visitors

Generally, the information provided by the site visitors will come to us through email correspondence. Or we may obtain that information through site usage statistics or clicks that land to our site, which is captured electronically. Webnovators doesn’t mean to use voluntarily collected information incorrectly in anyway. We protect all data provided by you and take every measure possible to ensure prevention of unauthorized access and disclosure of any personal information of our site’s visitors to a third party.


All information displayed on the site is protected through a copyrighted claim. No third party, in any condition, can have the privilege to use/misuse, modify, publish, perform or display it in any way to exploit any of the content used on this site.

Your Consent

By using this site, you agree to the aforesaid terms and conditions. You understand and consent to how we collect, use, and if required, disclose your information to a third-party, while submitting your personal information to the site.


The information provided on this site may contain inaccuracies and typographical errors. Webnovators doesn’t hold the warrant to any information is correct or incorrect. We may alter any information, pricing or features described on this site. You acknowledge that reliance on any opinion, statement, advice, memorandum, information described, shall be at your sole risk and that Webnovators can change anything listed on the site at any time without notice.


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